Cell phones are probably the fastest growing area of technology to date. In fact, there is always a newer better model available for your upgrading pleasure. However, what happens when a person with a hearing issue, wants a cell phone? What about when a blind individual desires that nicety? It’s time to start thinking very seriously about cell phone accessibility for those with disabilities.

While you might be shopping on izengate for your personal phone accessories. Someone else is probably wondering if his/her disability will completely hinder him/her from utilizing one. Yes, that wallet case is perfectly designed to fit your top of the line phone and izengate provides you with reasonable pricing. But, what about those with disabilities? Let’s think about them for a few minutes. Shall we?

Cell Phone Accessibility for Those with Disabilities

Why Are Accessible Cell Phones Important for those with Disabilities?

Cell phones are just as important for people with disabilities as they are for you. But, if you need to fully grasp that concept, then maybe you should read these reasons for an eye-opening experience. Maybe you should consider other people’s feelings and challenges in the midst of these revelations. Here’s why accessible cell phones are important for those with disabilities:

  1. Safety– No matter where you go, you can almost always take a cell phone. This is what makes having a cell phone so important, as they can be utilized in cases of emergency. Though most providers don’t recommend dependence upon the voice recognition software within them.
  2. Independence- Possibly one of the most challenging aspects of any disability is the feeling of having to be dependent upon other people. However, having a cell phone does much to eradicate that emotion. When you are required to rely on public transportation, having a cell phone in hand will boost one’s confidence in the midst of independent travels. It helps to know you can get help in an emergency.
  3. Business- Believe it or not, people with disabilities are just as capable of owning a business as you are. Cell phones in this economy are necessary for those who are attempting to successfully run small businesses.
  4. Cost- Family plans make cell phone contracts far more accessible to everyone on the plan. And, sometimes these cell phone plans are even cheaper than what providers want to charge for your landlines. Besides, you can take those phones everywhere, knowing you’ll never have to look for a payphone.
  5. Entertainment- Cell phones provide endless amounts of entertainment. They can play music, videos, TV, games, movies, you name it. People with disabilities can appreciate that entertainment too.

Products to Make Cell Phone Usage Easier

No one said that utilizing a cell phone would be easy for people with disabilities, but we can provide you with information on products that can make cell phone usage easier. Here’s what we found:

  • Screen Readers– These are great for blind and low vision individuals. This is software that gives access to everything on the phone’s screen via audio methods. Learn more.
  • Speech to Speech– It’s a telecommunication relay service for those with speech disabilities. You can read more for additional understanding.
  • Hands Free Bluetooth– Some of these can be voice activated and are excellent provisions for people with significant physical disabilities. Find out more about them here.

If you are more interested in accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, this will provide you with some great information.