No one understands sick and work leave battles well than a parent of a disabled child.  In our modern socially digitalized world everyone is a lot more clued up on the struggles that disabled people are facing each and every day.  And yet, a lot more awareness is still required for especially the parents of these disabled children.  Employers and companies often don’t understand just how hard things can be when you have to care for disabled children.  Disabled children have so many special needs and proper care does mean a lot more mom and dad time since these children often has to undergo a lot more therapy sessions, extra classes and training sessions to get by or to improve their own personal capabilities.  And each and every one of these doctor visits, therapy sessions and training seminars requires mom or dad to take off from work.  Here are a few handy digital hacks to help you overcome these obstacles:

Handy Digital Hacks for Parents of Disabled Kids

Fake Doctors Note – A doctors note is one of the easiest and best ways to get off from work legally but as a parent of a disabled child you are already stacked with medical bills to cover and cannot really afford doctors’ visits whenever your child needs a bit of extra attention.  You can however get a fake doctors note online for free.  Yu can hand the fake note in and get off without having to pay an expensive doctors consultation fee.

Organizer App – Organizer apps are wonderful things! You can schedule all your appointments, doctors’ appointments, therapy sessions and more on your phone with automatic reminders so you will never miss out on an appointment again.  Evernote, Spendee and Todoist are just a few of the best organizer apps that you can consider.

HealthApps – These apps are changing medical care for the better.  You can download apps like DoctorOnDemand, HealthTap or HelloMD and enjoy virtual appointments.  Yes, with these apps you can check in with your doctor at any moment of the day or night and get a consultation and even prescription without having to travel the distance – which can be a good thing if you used all your available medical leave days.

Health monitor app – Apps like iCare Health Monitor is superb for anyone that face regular health problems.  This app allows you to track your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, vision, hearing, lung capacity and more and to keep track of results.  While it probably isn’t a good thing to make a self-diagnosis this app can be quite handy to pick up on spiking or recurring conditions before you start feeling bad.

Budgeting app – A budgeting app can of course also be tremendously beneficial.  When you have a disabled child there are a lot of medical bills to keep track off and you constantly need to invest in the right aiding tools like hearing aids and more.  A budgeting app will remind you of due payments and will help you balance your finances much better.