As much as quitting smoking is such a hard thing to do, it is very much doable with the right strategies. There is nothing as easy way to quit smoking; it is all about your determination and commitment to make it happen.  What makes it hard to quit smoking is the fact that cigarettes contain tobacco which contains nicotine which is very addictive. Different quitting techniques work for different people as different people have different triggers that drive them to smoking. In some cases, one will have to try different techniques to find one that works for them. Some of the tactics that you can try to make quitting smoking a success includes:

How To Kick Cigarettes To The Curb

How To Kick Cigarettes To The Curb

Prepare for the quit

With quitting smoking, preparation is very important. You have to prepare your mind that you are quitting smoking. The biggest art of quitting is all about the mindset; once the mindset is right then everything else will be right. In preparation you have to identify the triggers that make you smoke and how you can deal with them, having clear laid out reasons on why you are planning to quit and the objectives. In your plan you will also have to inform your close circle of you major decision so that they can help you stay on track.

Consider nicotine replacement therapy

Since nicotine is the main culprit when it comes to addiction, dealing with it is a very important move. One of the ways of dealing with nicotine is trying a nicotine replacement therapy which is like not ruling out nicotine completely since that may be hard but giving small amount of nicotine to ward off symptoms of withdrawal. Some of the nicotine replacement therapies commonly used includes patches and gums.

Smoking cessation medication

Not only do you need a nicotine approach to break the addiction cycle but you can also try non-nicotine approaches such as taking smoking cessation medication. The medication makes nicotine not to be activated in the brain and thus not giving the stimulating effects of taking it making it easier to quit.

Practice mindfulness

As much as many don’t believe in mindfulness, a research conducted proved it to be very effective in dealing with addiction. Most of the time, addiction is a state of the mind and hence once the mind is set right then anything is possible. There are many mindfulness techniques that one can use and they are effective such as hypnosis, meditation and yoga.


Quitting smoking makes people to have withdrawal symptoms which can be bad for some people. Counseling is a great way of dealing with the withdrawal symptoms so that the quitting phase can be smooth. Counseling provides the needed support one needs when they are trying to quit.


Exercise is not only a great way of dealing with withdrawal symptoms but is also a great way of breaking the addiction cycle since it breaks the urge to smoke. Aerobic exercises especially are known to be very effective.