She’s 83 years old now and has been deaf since she was 4. At that time, back in 1937, she had come down with a terrible case of scarlet fever. No one knew that the intense heat of the fever had destroyed the nerve endings in her ears. It wasn’t until a teacher accused her of ignoring her lessons that people realized, Carole was deaf.

Her granddaughter has ever been amazed by “Mammaw.” She doesn’t know how to use sign language and never even saw a need to learn. She taught herself to read lips as a child and has managed just fine ever since. When questioned, she will tell you that her inability to hear is nothing more than, “A minor inconvenience.”

She will continue her discourse by informing you that she graduated high school, “regular high school, mind you,” and went on to attend secretarial school. She’ll remind you that she retired from the Dade County School District after 26 years. Then, if you’re lucky, she will sit down at the piano and play you a hymn, or tell you to pull up a chair so she can teach you how to crochet.

Indeed, the loss of hearing, for Carole, has been a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately, this is not how every person with a disability feels. But, there are places that provide help in those circumstances.

A Minor Inconvenience

Options to Limit the Inconvenience

When being deaf, or disabled in some other way, becomes more than an inconvenience there are entities designed to assist in alleviating your needs. And there are lawyers, like Martin Chitwood, ready to come to your aid.

Deaf individuals can find some respite and assistance through the Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD). This non-profit organization got its start in 1975 and has been helping deaf, deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing individuals for 40 years. They are run by people who have experienced the same struggles and their goal is to enable these individuals to fully contribute to, and actively participate in, their spheres of influence. More information about this incredible organization can be found by clicking here.

For our blind friends there is the American Foundation for the Blind. The doors of this phenomenal organization opened in 1921. They have been advocates and helpmates for more than 20 million Americans who have experienced vision loss to some degree. New technologies are at their fingertips and they will lead the way to a better future for their beneficiaries. They embrace their ambassador, Helen Keller’s, dream for access and equality. More info about their organization can be found here.

There are Options

Living with a disability doesn’t have to mean limited life satisfaction. In fact, Carole’s youngest grandchild, John, is disabled too. He suffered severe burns in a car accident at the age of 19. He lost part of his left arm at that time, as well as his ears and a section of his nose. His burns left him in a disfigured and amputee state. Many people would have given up.

Yet, he has gone on to be an active and beneficial member of society, driving a car, fishing, playing video games, owning his own home and raising his daughter on his own. Sometimes it is the sheer will of the human spirit that can turn a disability into a minor inconvenience. There are organizations willing to help you embrace that strength if you will let them.…

Visually impaired people are just like you and me. They have feelings, they are able to feel love and they are also determined to accomplish things in life. They would need a little bit of help from us, the people who love them and are concerned for them but sometimes, we may not know what to do in order to make them feel comfortable.

There are some blind people who are proud and would not like to get their ego bruised. Even when they are being helped, they do not see why they should be thankful because they have not accepted their condition yet. The best thing that you can do about it is to just assist them with their overall health so that they can get all the nutrients that they need from the food that they are eating. You can also assist them when they are exercising. Check it out in order to learn more details.

How to Assist Visually Impaired People

If you know someone who is blind or you see someone who is visually impaired and would need your help, there are some things that you can do such as the following:

  1. If you are speaking with someone who has low vision or is blind, you would need to call them by their names so that they will know that you are addressing them. When you are unable to address them by their name, they may not know that you are talking to them.
  2. If in case you are having a conversation with someone who is blind, let them know if you are going to leave even for just a short while. You do not want them to get embarrassed when other people see them talking to no one.
  3. When you are serving coffee or water, make sure that you will not fill the cup or mug with too much liquid. There is always a possibility that it will spill especially if the person has just been blinded.
  4. When you are giving directions, make sure that you are specific about it. You cannot just direct by pointing your fingers. Blind people need concrete directions so you have to let them know if they are going left or right.
  5. If you are living with someone who is blind, let them know if you have plans of changing the arrangement of your furniture. Blind people are going to walk by knowing exactly where the items that they cannot bump are. If you would suddenly change up the furniture without telling them, they might get seriously hurt. You would not want this to happen.
  6. When it comes to doors, you either close them or open them up. This way, blind people will know if they still have to open doors or if the doorway is open enough to let them pass through.
  7. If there are some thing happening and blind people are asking what is occurring, you have to be patient in explaining because they also have the right to know and to understand what is truly happening.

These are just some of the tips that you have to remember when you are trying to help people who are visually impaired. There are still a lot more that you can do but remember to show that you love them and support them no matter what.…

Disabilities are tough to live with.  Even common tasks can be a nightmare for someone with a disability.  Technology and tools are some of the things that are making life bearable to most people who have disabilities since this equipment and gear is what is helping them get along with life and with some of the difficult tasks in their days.  If you want to spoil your friend a bit then it is time to buy one of the most functional gift sets in the world.  A good quality knife and sharpener set is a gift that any guy will absolutely adore since a knife can help you out of a lot of emergencies, tasks and activities and is definitely a terrific gift to a friend or loved one with a disability.

Why a Knife and Sharpener Gift Set Is Perfect For Guys with Disabilities

Why a knife and sharpener set is the perfect gift?

Just because your friend is confined to a wheelchair or has a prosthetic leg doesn’t make him any less of a guy.  Men love gadgets, tools and dangerous items and a knife is one of the most basic and functional gifts that any guy will absolutely adore.  Even the biggest office fanatic can benefit from a good knife and sharpener which is why it is definitely the best gift to give.

What your knife gift set should include?

Pocket knife – A pocket knife is one of the best knives when it comes to gifting because pocket knives are incredibly functional and incredibly handy in just about any situation.

Knife holster – There are plenty of different types of holsters that will enable your friend to keep his knife with him at all times.  A belt holster is one of the easiest and best holster types to include in your gift set since it is easy to put on and a belt is a terrific way to ensure that the expensive knife never gets lost.

Sharpener – Sharpening a knife takes great skill and is actually a terrific pass time.  The correct sharpening techniques and methods have been a cause of great debate and arguments for centuries and are still to this very day a very big thing when it comes to knife collectors, hunters and chefs.  If you want the best sharpener then the MAL Knives pick for best overall sharpener is the best possible choice you can make.  The sharpening process with these sharpeners are a bit more time consuming but the sharpeners are some of the easiest to use sharpeners on the market, they are incredibly durable and the sharpeners will ensure that the delicate knife blade gets the right treatment for the sharpest possible result.  The MAL sharpener sets are beautiful and are a perfect gift to knife lovers.

Something tasty – The perfect knife gift set should be accompanied by something your friend can use his knew set on.  Buy him a big piece of ham or a large chunk of jerky to accommodate the gift set so your friend can have a blast with his new gift.…

Millions of people are actively looking for ways to get their skin tanned. Besides cosmetic reasons, tanning has been associated with improved mood, vitamin D synthesis and protection against sunburn. For people with disabilities, getting a tan can be a great way to improve looks and feel better about yourself. But what tanning options are available?


  • Natural sunlight


Spending some time outdoors under direct sunlight will get you tanned. Exposure to the suns UV rays for extended periods will trigger the production of melanin which darkens the skin. Although quite effective in darkening the skin tone, using sunlight for tanning has two major disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that only parts of the skin exposed to direct sunlight will get tanned. The second disadvantage is that sun tanning requires long periods of exposure to the sun’s rays. This increases risk of sunburn or even skin conditions like melanoma.

  • Lotions

Lotions are a good way to get a tan without having to spend hours under the sun. in addition, using a lotion for tanning allows you to have more control over which areas of the skin to tan or not. Sunless tanning lotions as they’re commonly referred contain dihydroxtacetone (DHA) which is a simple carbohydrate. When applied to the skin’s surface DHA reacts with amino acids on the skin making it look darker. Since it doesn’t trigger melanin production, DHA in sunless tanning lotions only provides temporary results and doesn’t provide the benefits associated with increased melanin and vitamin D production.

  • Sunbeds

Sunbeds are one of the most popular tanning methods available today. Commonly used for the process of indoor tanning, sunbeds allow you to tan your skin regardless of which season it is. They contain special types of lamps which produce UV-A and UV-B rays similar to those produced by the sun. However, unlike the sun, sunbeds don’t produce UV-C rays which are considered to be the most harmful type of UV rays.

Although sunbeds provide a good option to getting a tan fast, like natural sunlight, there are potential risks of sunburn or developing skin conditions like melanoma from their repeated use. As such, it’s usually advisable to use sunbeds under supervision of a trained specialist.

  • Bronzers

Bronzers are cosmetic products which apply a tan on the skins surface. Rather than change trigger melanin production or change the color of the skin cells, bronzers simply apply color to the skin surface. They come in different forms including powders and sprays. Typically, bronzers are used to darken a small patch of the skin as opposed to large areas. In addition, their effects are fairly temporary lasting a few hours or until they’re wiped or washed off.


  • Future Research possibilities

Scientific research studies based on animal test subjects has been able to determine that melanotan 2 may be able to promote melanin production in the skin and even protect against skin cancer, however it is not yet FDA approved and cannot be used on humans yet.
Skin tanning can be a good way to improve your looks, build self confidence and protect your skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Given the many skin tanning options available for disabled persons, the option you choose should be based on how safe it is and, the effects you want.

Securing a job in a down employment business sector is troublesome. For Canadians with disabilities it can be much all the more so. There are sure commercial enterprises; in any case, that loan themselves to professions for those with disabilities.

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) makes everything fair for individuals with any sort of incapacity. Furthermore, with regards to livelihood, everybody ought to have the same open door accessible to them on the off chance that they have the right stuff to do some work effectively. All in all, what sort of employments can a man with a disability hope to secure? Here are some great profession decisions to consider.

The Best Jobs for People with Disabilities

  1. Government or Government-sponsored Jobs: The Federal government perceives that people with disabilities have a privilege to full and reasonable contemplations for any job for which they apply. Since the 80s, absolute incapacitated Federal work has stayed consistent at 7 percent. In the event that you are a Canadian getting Social Security, you may likewise be qualified to apply for Ticket to Work, a legislature supported system that gives jobs to individuals with disabilities either inside the administration or in the private segment. For employment seekers who are visually impaired or seriously handicapped, Ability One is another group based non-benefit that gives jobs and administrations.
  1. Call Center Staffing: For some workers who work call focuses, they are ceaselessly searching for excellent staffing. Whether working in-house or for all intents and purposes at home, all you need is a PC and phone. Most online employment sheets have an assortment of client administration openings for work accessible. The National Telecommuting Institute, an administration financed office that utilizes a virtual workforce with a convergence of representatives with handicaps, is additionally a decent asset.
  2. Work-at-home Jobs: Along with client administration, there are numerous different commercial enterprises that look for work-at-home representatives. This can incorporate specialized bolster, therapeutic interpretation and charging, deals, information passage and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You may likewise need to consider filling in as an autonomous agent or a consultant. On the off chance that you have leisure activities or unique interests, you might have the capacity to form these into job opportunities, for example, an independent author or picture taker. You can also look into becoming a translator for as they offer translation services for numerous languages all over the world. All you need to do is have a little faith in yourself and your skills!
  3. PC Careers Computer-related jobs: keep on being a developing job advertise and can be a decent profession decision for physically impaired individuals. Jobs like PC software engineers typically don’t require long haul instruction (numerous lone require online endorsements or preparing) and pay well.
  4. Legitimate Careers: From lawful secretaries, paralegals to lawful partners, the lawful field offers numerous openings for work, a large portion of which that don’t require physical work. Some employment capacities require a two-year degree; be that as it may, numerous require authentication or preparing programs.

Only disabled people realize just what support can mean to someone.  Support is such a small word with such big consequences.  Support is what inspires people to work harder despite all of their challenges. Support is what keeps you going when you are down and support is what helps you accept certain things in your life that you simply cannot change.  Support helps organizations crate a better world in the same way in which support is helping those with disabilities live a better life.  It is time to give your support to organizations that are changing the world for the better so your disabled loved ones can prosper and live happy lives for a long time to come.

Support protective organizations

Organizations like the Foundation for Defense of Democracy are helping to keep the peace across the globe by fighting terrorist acts and by promoting freedom.  The FDD is constantly engaged in international trades and negotiations in an attempt to create a steady and trusting relationship between America and other countries.  Sometimes they spread awareness about problems and sometimes they get allies to take hands against those with terrorist or dangerous ideals.  The FDD is definitely one of the organizations that you should learn more about, follow and support because they are the ones who are helping you and your disabled loved ones live a peaceful life.

Top Organizations That Is Making the World A Better Place to Live In

Support medical firms

As someone who knows what it is like to live with a disability, medical research firms and medical support organizations should probably be at the top of your list of foundations to support.  There are plenty of not-for-profit medical organizations that are helping people all over the world by supplying them with good and proper medical care or by conducting medical research to help find cures for terrible diseases that is claiming the lives of hundreds of people each ear.

Support care homes

Care homes probably won’t make a huge change in the world.  They won’t bring by some miracle cure and they won’t help keep the peace for a country.  But caring for fragile people like the elderly, the disabled and the ill is one of the best and most noble actions in the world.  Care homes are expensive to maintain and they can always benefit from some good support in the form of awareness, donations and voluntary work.

Support human rights activists

Women in Iran, for example, have some of the toughest lives that you can possibly imagine.  They have to live their lives under cloak and in silence or risk having their faces burned off with acid.  It is a life that no human being should ever be forced to live and you can help them regain freedom by supporting some of the human rights firms that is fighting these terrible situations of women in Iran as well as horrid right violations that are still happening in our dutiful and modern world. You can lend your support and help spread the word on what is happening to people in need so they can also enjoy a free and happy life.…

It’s hard to exercise when you can’t see where you are going.  You always need an assistant when you are jogging or doing exercises out in the open so you can go nice and fast without tripping over everything. When you hit the gym, you are restricted to only certain workout gear such as treadmills and cycling bikes but it is often a hassle to get to a gym if there is no one to drive you.  Luckily technology is advancing with each passing day and new and easier to use gym and workout gear is becoming more and more available to the public.  Loop bands are one of these easy to use workout products that blind people can use from the comfort of their own homes without the need of any assistance.

How to use loop bands

Loop bands look like giant hair rubbers.  They are made of 100% latex and come in a set that vary in stretch strength. The light and medium bands are for upper body workouts and are used by wrapping the bands around your hands, shoulders or body to perform stretches.  The heavy or extra heavy bands are for lower body workouts and are hooked around your legs or arms and legs after which you have to stretch it out using different techniques. There are tons of different workouts that people can do when they use these loop bands and you don’t need much space to enjoy the workouts. You can buy a set of the loop bands here.

How the Blind Can Work Out All on Their Own

Upper body workouts

You can get a full upper body workout by using only the loop bands.  Power jabs, overhead triceps extensions and jab crosses are incredibly easy to do for even blind individuals and you get much quicker results when you use the loop bands.

Lower body workouts

You can strengthen your legs and firm up thighs and your behind by doing some standing back kicks, laying leg circles, laying leg scissors and fire hydrant leg extensions.  The resistance bands will provide the needed band strength so your muscles can develop faster.

Target problem areas

Those who can’t see well or who are blind can easily get an injury from falling or bumping into stuff.  The loop bands can be used for therapy so they can stretch out injured muscles and regain functionality in these areas much quicker.  The bands can also be used to strengthen the muscles around your hips, knees and shoulders so you can be stronger and get about much easier.

What loop band workouts does for the body

These bands are great for weight control because you can toughen up your cardio workouts with the bands.  The bands help you develop muscles much quicker and tone your body a lot faster.  You can use the bands as an overall body workout or target certain areas such as your legs and the best part is you don’t have to be limited to one area since you can take your bands along wherever you go to maintain good health.…

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that restricts victimization individuals with inabilities, including hard of hearing and listening to hindered individuals. There are four areas in the law: job, government, open facilities, and information transfers. Every segment of the ADA records benefits that ought to be accommodated hard of hearing people. The ADA includes more assurance for impeded persons to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Rights of People with Disabilities

This article incorporates some essential data on your rights under the ADA as a hard of hearing or listening to disabled individual. There are five regions secured in this handout:

– Public Accommodations, Stores, Businesses

– Medical Treatment

– Employment

– State and Local Government, Courts, Attorneys

– Telecommunications

In every territory, there are different tenets that may apply to your circumstance. MADHS can give more data or answer your inquiries.

When all is said in done, the ADA expects offices, organizations, administration suppliers, and businesses to evacuate hindrances that keep a hard of hearing individual from partaking. A portion of the standards are being included step by step, so associations can have sufficient energy to roll out the improvements.

The law allows for a few special cases, when the progressions that would be required would cost excessively. On the off chance that an office or business can’t roll out every one of the improvements, the law says they should attempt to do however much as could reasonably be expected to wind up available for hard of hearing and listening to disabled persons.

It is imperative that you should know your rights and you should stand for your rights as well. There are various law firms that fight such cases including the law firm owned by Martin Chitwood. Get in touch with the lawyers there to help you with your cases.

The law likewise says you have to tell organizations and organizations what you have to convey. Notes, mediators, and telecom gadgets for the hard of hearing (TDDs) are all approaches to impart, yet you have to tell suppliers what you are open to utilizing.

Open Accommodations

  • Stores, Businesses, lodgings, theaters, eateries, retail locations, banks, historical centers, parks, libraries, and tuition based schools if all give assistant guides and administrations to speaking with hard of hearing individuals. Now and then, composed notes are sufficient to convey data. At different times, an assistive listening gadget, TDD, or a mediator is required.
  • Open facilities or organizations like lodgings must give TDDs when telephones are accessible for the overall population. No less than one TDD ought to be introduced in shopping centers, clinic holding up rooms, stadiums, tradition focuses, airplane terminals, or any working with more than four pay phones.


  • Motion picture theaters don’t need to give subtitled movies, however different spots that present data on film or TV ought to either inscription the presentation or give a translator. Helps for hard of hearing and listening to hindered ought to be given to presentations at traditions or exhibitions at lodging.

Restorative Treatment

  • Hospitals that get cash from the U.S. government must give rise to administrations to hard of hearing persons. Healing centers must make sure hard of hearing persons can speak with specialists and medical attendants. As a hard of hearing individual, you ought to pick the sort of correspondence you incline toward: sign/oral translator, composed notes, lip perusing, assistive listening gadgets, or a mix.
  • You may not generally require a translator at a clinic. In numerous standard circumstances, for example, having your temperature and/or circulatory strain taken, taking medicine, or requesting dinners, composed correspondence can be utilized. On the off chance that you have to stay in the doctor’s facility and have a TV in your room, the healing center must give a deciphering gadget to shut inscription seeing. The clinic should likewise furnish you with a TDD.
  • Classes given to the overall population should likewise be open for hard of hearing persons to go to. When you enlist for the class, let the doctor’s facility know you are hard of hearing and let them know you require a mediator, so a translator will be accessible for the class.
  • Private practice specialists are likewise required to take after the ADA laws. Correspondence is generally as essential at the specialist’s office as it is at the healing facility. Request a translator or assistive listening gadget. The specialist’s office ought to give this at no charge.


  • The ADA says bosses can’t separate in the occupation application process, contracting, terminating, pay/pay, advancement, or some other advantage of being a worker. This implies a qualified mediator ought to be accessible for a prospective employee meet-up. In the event that a verbal test is a piece of the occupation application handle, the business ought to give a fitting composed test to a hard of hearing candidate.
  • The hard of hearing individual ought to have the capacity to do the most essential parts of the occupation without help. Managers ought to change an occupation at whatever point conceivable to permit a hard of hearing or listening to weakened individual the chance to carry out the employment. In the event that noting the telephone is one little part of the occupation and you can do alternate parts of the occupation without anyone else’s input, your manager ought to dole out the telephone obligations to another person.
  • The ADA covers bosses with more than 25 representatives. After July 26, 1994 the ADA will cover managers with 15 or more representatives.

It can be tough to stay positive when raising and working with disabled children because there are so many more challenges involved in your day to day activities and the financial burdens are a lot higher when it comes to disabilities.  When you are the parent of a disabled child you have to be extra positive so your child can one day grow up to become a positive little person.  Your personality and actions will shape your children’s future and make them feel like they are as special and worthy as any other child. Here are a few top ways for you to stay and be as positive as possible no matter how challenging your days are.

Top Ways in Which Parents of Disabled Children Can Stay Positive

Read works by Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn is an award winning and best-selling author.  She writes articles, books and journals and most of her works consists of self-help tips and tricks on how to stay positive and how to deal with life’s biggest challenges.   She has sold over 1 million books and her name and works have been viewed and mentioned on various popular TV shows.  Some of her works that you simply must read for great positivity in your home are;

Articles – Kren Salmansohn writes for various blogs and web pages.  Her articles are practical, funny and positive.  By reading a short article written by her each day you can easily create a positive phase for your own day and be a happier person throughout the day.

Books – Salmansohn has several books that are lined with great humor, a fantastic quotes and great insight that is sure to help you turn any negative line of thinking into a positive way of thinking.  Books like ‘The Bounce Back Book’ and ‘How to be Happy, Dammit’ are just what you need to carry you through the difficulties in your life.

Stickies – Salmansohn also has a pile of Quickie Stickies on the market that consists of 100 motivational and funny stickers that you can stick anywhere to help you stay positive and happy throughout the day.

Talk to other parents of disabled children

Speaking with other parents who are also raising disabled children is great for you.  It is sometimes good to hear that there are other parents who feel the same way you do and who face the same challenges as you.  There are plenty of parent social chat sites where parents of disabled children share their experiences and their advice that you can join for a bit of motivation.  Perhaps getting together with some of these other parents would also be terrific for you and your disabled child.

Listen positive music

Music affects your mood, whether you listen directly or not.  If you want to implement a general happy and easy going lifestyle in your home then it is time to delete all of those traumatic love songs and replace them with some quick paced feel good songs that will put the spring in your step and the happy on your face throughout the day.…

There are a lot of parents and guardians who are having a hard time taking care of other family members who are disabled but instead of feeling sad and depressed about this, they keep on having a positive disposition. They know that they can keep their family members and friends happy as long as they would help.

In order to do this, they have to be knowledgeable about the different things that they can do for the disabled person. The different activities that are available will highly depend on the type of condition that the person has.

How to Keep People with Disability Healthy

Being disabled used to mean that a person will not be able to accomplish anything in life anymore but because of people’s awareness and understanding, disabled people are able to do more and contribute better things to society.

Some recommended things to do in order to improve their health are the following:

  • There is a need for disabled people to have more than one hour of physical activity every day or most days. This would depend on the type of condition that the person has. Even if the person is in a wheelchair, there is a need for physical activity to be done.
  • The physical activity that the disabled person does can be increased as time passes by. For instance, a disabled person may start with doing 15 minute exercises first but as the person gains more strength, the time that will be spent on physical exercises can be increased further.
  • Focus on food. The power of food is always underestimated. You need to make sure that the food that you will serve will give the disabled person all the vitamins and nutrients that he/she needs. Perhaps some drinks will be great too. Aside from amount of water needed every day, taking Kukicha Green Tea will help as well.
  • Try to stop the disabled person from having vices. Some people cannot help but have vices probably because they would like to get rid of the stress and emotions that they are feeling. If the disabled person smokes or if the disabled person drinks, these habits may need to be stopped. While drinking occasionally is okay, smoking should truly be stopped. Even people who are not disabled should avoid smoking because of all the bad things that it can give.

When any person does the things that are mentioned above, the person increases his/her chances of living a long and healthy life. This is the main goal of most people right now. They want to live as long as they could so that they can see and experience more things that will make them feel that they have truly lived their life to the fullest.

Being disabled should not be a hindrance for people to reach their dreams and see the fulfilment of their dreams. While they can be prone to getting sick depending on their condition, they can make an effort to live a healthier lifestyle with the help of their family members and friends. Support is always needed by people who have special needs.…