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Living with a disability is considerably challenging. Although some people, like our Mammaw, consider deafness a “minor inconvenience.” Life is all about perspective. So, when she lost her hearing at the age of 5 she didn’t let it stop her. It was 1938, and going to a “special” school was not on her to-do list. She chose to learn to read lips and stayed with it. She graduated and even went to technical school. Though she’s not famous, she is a star in our eyes.

Stephen Collins isn’t deaf, but he’s another star in our opinion. If you take the time to review this man’s history, you’ll find that he’s been acting since 1971. Add to that the fact that he’s a musician, writer, and director, and we are sure you can see why he’s on our celebrity list. Besides, who didn’t love him in 7th Heaven and Law & Order? But, since he’s not deaf, we would like to move on to even more impressive people.

Top 5 Famous Deaf People and Some Might Surprise You

Top 5 Deaf People That Will Surprise You

Keep in mind, not all the people on our list are completely deaf. However, they all have issues with their ability to hear and that makes them incredible given their accomplishments. Of course, we could start the list with the likes of Helen Keller and Marlee Matlin, but you already know them. Instead, we would like to offer you the top 5 deaf (or hard of hearing) people that will surprise you:

  1. Halle Berry– She tops our list because we are just as surprised as you are to learn that she’s lost 80% of her hearing ability in one of her ears. She was in an abusive relationship when she was younger. The man struck her and caused the hearing loss. Now, she is adamant about wanting women to stand up for themselves rather than remaining in abusive relationships. Read this.
  2. Pete Townshend- You might be wondering how a musician could be partially deaf, but our Mammaw is completely deaf and yet plays the piano beautifully. Pete Townshend on the other hand, lost all the hearing in one ear during a concert in the 60s. He is one of the best guitarists in the world, but his hearing is not very good at all.
  3. Michelle Banks- Michelle lost her hearing at the age of one. She suffered from spinal meningitis, but later became the founder of the Onyx Theatre Company. She has appeared in TV shows like Girlfriends, Soul Food, and Strong Medicine. She also appeared in the movie, Malcolm X. She traveled the nation doing a one woman show entitled: Reflections of a Black Deaf Woman.
  4. Lou Ferrigno– You know him best as the Incredible Hulk from the 70s television show. His hearing deteriorated due to a series of ear infections as toddler. He was diagnosed with 75-80% hearing loss at the age of 3. He believes that this has made him a better man, teaching him to endure hardship and overcome it.
  5. Terrylene Sacchetti– You will recognize her from Natural Born Killers, After Image, and Listen Carefully. She is from a family with four generations of deafness. She is the executive director of the Deaf Arts Council, and has received significant grants in that capacity. She’s been appearing in TV shows since the late 80s. Learn more.

If this list isn’t impressive enough for you, we suggest you read this.…

A website that is accessible will draw in potential deaf clients and it will advance your organization in a positive light since it demonstrates that you are not only aware but also inclusive.

It’s shocking what number of organizations don’t really provide contact details that are reasonable for deaf/HOH individuals and it makes life a much more troublesome for them. Here are our five tips for how to take full advantage of your site and attract a huge number of audience towards your website.

How to Make Your Website More Accessible for Deaf People

Provide alternate contact options

A few organizations just give a telephone number, which is a deaf person’s most terrible nightmare! Most deaf people, have a lot of difficulty or just can’t hear well on the telephone, so they are continually searching for different methods for contact. There are such a variety of other contact options. For instance: email, Skype, online calls or live web chat. Make sure that you offer these options on your website as ways to get in touch with your organization.

Subtitle/caption your videos!

It truly annoys deaf people when there aren’t subtitles on recordings, particularly on sites, since they have difficulty following them. Most deaf people are lip readers so it’s difficult for them to follow such videos. Live streaming options that are automated are usually very precise and accurate – including YouTube’s automated subtitles. In the event that exact subtitles aren’t choice for recordings, take a chance at giving a composed transcript. If you really want to go all the way, then publish some sign language videos as well.

Use simple English

Abstain from using difficult words and use words that would likely be said as well as understood by your target group. For some deaf individuals, English isn’t their first language (Sign Language may be). Keep to the point. In case you’re advertising an administration or item, think what is the key data you need individuals to know? Utilize straightforward and short sentences. Pictures can help in further clearing the image and concept.

Join web-based social networking

Web-based social networking is an incredible approach to connect with new clients. Advance your web-based social networking symbols on your site page (Facebook, Twitter, and so on.). Deaf individuals love to draw in via web-based networking media, especially in the event that they have motivation to reach your organization. Ensure on the off chance that you do have online networking channels, that you are drawing in and connecting with the clients who connect with you!

Make sure your website is easy to navigate

At the point when designing a web site, ensure individuals can get to the data they require within a couple clicks and that it’s very easy to navigate. For some deaf individuals, they may think that it’s not easy to find what they need, so it’s essential that navigation is simple and straightforward. Another idea is to include a search button on your page.

Additionally, if you would like to make life easier for deaf people, provide them with appliances and equipment that are designed to enhance the quality of life. One example of such equipment is HealthyAirLab air purifier. It will not only purify the air but also enhance the quality of air that is breathed in. Be sure to check out HealthyAirLab’s air purifier guidelines before installing it.…