Over the past few decades, huge advancements have been made in deaf communities.  A lot more people are aware of deafness and many more finally know just how normal deaf people can operate in a normal society.  Social acceptance and awareness certainly increased a lot and deaf people are a lot more welcomed and accommodated than ever before.  Lance Allard’s achievements in the National Basketball Association are one of the best examples of deaf people that broke through barriers and changed the world for the better.  Because of this superb athlete and others, basketball is now widely enjoyed by the deaf in various schools and more.

What is deaf basketball?

Deaf basketball is the same as any basketball game but is played by deaf or hard hearing people.  Instead of verbal communication, players and referees use sign language to communicate with players.  This great sport enables deaf students to get all of the benefits of normal team sports and promotes interaction, awareness, fun and healthy living.

Why is basketball a great sport for deaf students?

Deaf students aren’t physically handicapped but their inability to hear does make it quite challenging to partake in many team sports.  Team sports are mostly verbal but basketball is a sport that can be enjoyed to the fullest with sign language.  Players are taught to interact through sign language and they are taught to use different strategies to overcome their hearing incapability.  This sport is a fantastic team sport for deaf students for all of the following reasons;

  • Students learn to function as a team
  • The sport is great for building stronger relationships and for building character
  • Basketball is a great sport for overall physical health and to reduce the chances of obesity
  • The sport promotes friendship and interaction so deaf students won’t feel alone
  • Deaf basketball is incredibly interesting to watch which once again promotes awareness for deaf people
  • Children learn to overcome communication problems and they learn to make split-second decisions
  • The sport is great for good clean fun and for keeping students active and busy

Gear up for your deaf basketball game

One of the best benefits of playing basketball is the fact that this sport is quite affordable.  You don’t need a lot of gear to enjoy this amazing sport which makes it perfect for deaf students that already have such huge expenses for medical assistance and specialized gear.  A cozy basketball outfit, some sports sneakers, and a great basketball is all kids need to enjoy this superb sport.  On BBallworld.com you can check out the best basketballs on the market and find the cheapest prices for high quality indoor or outdoor basketballs.  As for outfits; your casual wear will be fine for practice and you only need to tag along with your water bottle to the sports field before you can play.

Deaf basketball is a low investment sport with amazing social and health benefits to deaf students.  This is definitely a great sport to keep kids engaged, happy, social, active and content.…