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While we talk about smiling, the story narrated below will make you hope and believe that good people still exist in this world and there will always be a reason to smile!

Many outsiders swung up to play a game known as ‘Pokemon Go’ with a 15-year-old who lives with autism after they discovered he was harassed while playing the very popular and common augmented reality game.

Ty and his mom, Angie Swartout, were playing the game at Tempe Beach Park in Arizona when they were two men approached them, who looked like they were students at Arizona State University, as indicated by a post Ty’s sister posted on Facebook.

The two men then stepped on a bottle of grill sauce and squirted everything over Ty and Swartout. Swartout stated that she just stood there and afterwards she heard them laugh and say that they had undoubtedly ‘got the r-word’.

Swartout soon advised her little girl and Ty’s sister, Hope Marie Whitaker, about the experience. Whitaker then took to online networking and imparted the story to the Arizona Community Facebook page.

“On the off chance that you witness something like this, kindly don’t stand without moving by. Regardless of the possibility that you can’t take care of the general population that did it, help the family,” Whitaker wrote in the post. “My poor mother needed to wash her and my sibling off with a jug of water. She was embarrassed. What’s more, for what? She had no motivation to be mortified, yet those two ASU students unquestionably should be humiliated by their conduct today.”

The post got an overflow of support from people all around. A few individuals chose to take it one step further and welcome Ty and Swartout to Tempe Beach Park to play the game as a group. On July 31, many individuals from the Facebook group appeared with goodies in hand and words of support for Ty.

Swartout stated that she was extremely thankful. “I’m just so thankful on the grounds that on the off chance that this wouldn’t have happened, we would at present be covering up in our home like a considerable measure of families like our own do. Also, I can’t thank everybody enough.”

A huge number of people suffer with Autism, a mental condition that causes difficulty in communicating and in forming relationships with other people. Autism affects 1 in every 68 children and 1 in every 42 boys. It is also one of the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the world. If you ever come across anyone who is suffering from autism; make it a priority to be kind, gentle and understanding towards them. Where 2 men were harsh to Ty; millions were in support of him!…