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Watching over a disabled child can make your everyday child care-taking obligations, for example, feeding, toilet training and putting to sleep, all the more difficult.


A disabled child may have issues with eating for a wide range of reasons, for example,

  • physical issues that cause trouble gulping, biting, sucking or digesting certain foods
  • constrained portability, which may make it hard to sit up to eat or drink
  • a learning disability, which could make it more hard to learn suitable conduct at mealtimes

It may take more time for your child to have the capacity to feed themselves, yet building up the abilities to do as such can likewise help them in different routes. Your health visitor can educate you on numerous viewpoints with respect to feeding and weaning your child. As your child develops, you may have the capacity to get a referral from your GP or health visitor for any further pro help you may require.

Tips for Taking Care of Disabled Children

For instance:

  • A speech and language therapist might have the capacity to help with physical issues, for example, biting and gulping.
  • An occupational therapist can advise you about guides that may help your child, for example, unique plates, bowls, mugs, adjusted cutlery or non-slip mats.
  • A physiotherapist or can prompt you on getting your child into the proper physical position to eat.
  • A dietitian can help you in case you’re worried that your child isn’t eating enough.

On the off chance that your child should be fed through a tube that goes specifically into their stomach (either incidentally or for all time), you can get advice from the care group PINNT (Patients on Intravenous and Naso-gastric and Nutrition Therapy).

Putting your child to sleep

In the event that a child doesn’t sleep properly, tiredness can influence the entire family. Disabled children can have sleeping issues due to a number of physical reasons, for example, muscle fits or breathing challenges, contingent upon their specific condition. Children with some learning handicaps may think that it’s difficult to comprehend why and when they have to sleep. Your child may feel more comfortable sleeping in an Ergonomic Blow Up Bed. It will also prove to be helpful while travelling as it is safe and child-friendly.

Your health visitor or group medical attendant ought to have the capacity to propose approaches to creating sleeping patterns. On the off chance that your sleep is continually intruded on, you can request a career’s evaluation (or a re-appraisal) from social services. They might have the capacity to give short breaks from minding with the goal that you can get some undisturbed sleep. Your kid may likewise meet all requirements for Disability Living Allowance (DLA), or a higher rate of DLA in the event that they as of now get it, in the event that they require consistent care and consideration during the evening due to sleeping issues.


All children are different, however most hint at being prepared to figure out how to use the toilet at around a few years of age. Some disabled children may not be prepared until they’re more grown up or they may take more time to learn. This could be a direct result of learning handicaps or physical difficulties, for example, weakened portability, movement problems or muscle limitations. A few children may never figure out how to utilize the toilet on their own.…

It can be tough to stay positive when raising and working with disabled children because there are so many more challenges involved in your day to day activities and the financial burdens are a lot higher when it comes to disabilities.  When you are the parent of a disabled child you have to be extra positive so your child can one day grow up to become a positive little person.  Your personality and actions will shape your children’s future and make them feel like they are as special and worthy as any other child. Here are a few top ways for you to stay and be as positive as possible no matter how challenging your days are.

Top Ways in Which Parents of Disabled Children Can Stay Positive

Read works by Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn is an award winning and best-selling author.  She writes articles, books and journals and most of her works consists of self-help tips and tricks on how to stay positive and how to deal with life’s biggest challenges.   She has sold over 1 million books and her name and works have been viewed and mentioned on various popular TV shows.  Some of her works that you simply must read for great positivity in your home are;

Articles – Kren Salmansohn writes for various blogs and web pages.  Her articles are practical, funny and positive.  By reading a short article written by her each day you can easily create a positive phase for your own day and be a happier person throughout the day.

Books – Salmansohn has several books that are lined with great humor, a fantastic quotes and great insight that is sure to help you turn any negative line of thinking into a positive way of thinking.  Books like ‘The Bounce Back Book’ and ‘How to be Happy, Dammit’ are just what you need to carry you through the difficulties in your life.

Stickies – Salmansohn also has a pile of Quickie Stickies on the market that consists of 100 motivational and funny stickers that you can stick anywhere to help you stay positive and happy throughout the day.

Talk to other parents of disabled children

Speaking with other parents who are also raising disabled children is great for you.  It is sometimes good to hear that there are other parents who feel the same way you do and who face the same challenges as you.  There are plenty of parent social chat sites where parents of disabled children share their experiences and their advice that you can join for a bit of motivation.  Perhaps getting together with some of these other parents would also be terrific for you and your disabled child.

Listen positive music

Music affects your mood, whether you listen directly or not.  If you want to implement a general happy and easy going lifestyle in your home then it is time to delete all of those traumatic love songs and replace them with some quick paced feel good songs that will put the spring in your step and the happy on your face throughout the day.…