Life as a physically disabled person is very challenging. Someone who cannot hear is at a lot of disadvantage in a world which is brimming with noises. Mundane tasks of the daily routine, such as crossing the road, are a feat for deaf people. Moreover, if you are deaf, you cannot talk to everybody because very few individuals know sign language. However, despite their physical disadvantage, deaf people are resilient beings. Plus, just because their sense of hearing is absent doesn’t mean they are undeserving of certain things.

There comes a time in a person’s life when they want to leave their house and live by themselves. Undoubtedly, moving away from your family is an emotional struggle. On the other hand, living by yourself is a liberating experience too.

Handy and Practical Moving Tips for Deaf People

Hence, to make the moving process easier for deaf people here are some useful tips:

  1. Analyze the space:

Before moving anywhere take a thorough look at the place. Just because the apartment you like is appealing to the eye does not mean that it is suitable for people with impaired hearing.

With the progress of technology, there are tons of deaf-friendly architecture apartments available in the market. However, if there are no such housing options available in your vicinity, then go for a place that’s open and spacious. Don’t buy a house with too many rooms because it will restrict your vision, and as we all know, deaf people hear with their eyes. Hence, look for a place with an open kitchen and a simple yet minimalist structure.

  1. Be organized:

When preparing for the move, make sure to label every box according to the items in it. Doing this will make it simpler for you to find stuff at the time of unpacking.

Moreover, you can color code the boxes too. Color coding is a brilliant technique that will smoothen the move because the movers will know what box should go in which room, without any additional instructions from your side.

  1. Security comes first:

Not everybody you are going to meet is going to be nice to you. There will be people who would try take advantage of your disability. Therefore, always remain secure. Since you are going to be living alone, install neon signal lights at your place where you can see them easily. Besides that, install a fire sprinkler security system because a regular security alarm will be of no use for a deaf person.

  1. Hire professional movers:

Take the help of experienced movers to save yourself from any inconvenience and to save your belongings from getting damaged. In America, U-Haul is the go-to moving equipment and storage rental company. However, if you live in Canada then go for AMJ Campbell. It is one of the most experienced and trusted moving companies in all of Canada, particularly in the British Columbia.

As a deaf person, moving might be hectic for you if it is your first time, but don’t worry about it. AMJ Campbell has a thorough moving plan on their website which guides you about what one should start doing one or two months before the actual move. So, head over to to download the moving checklist.

AMJ Campbell promises excellent personalized service. They make your move as pleasant as possible. For those residents who are not sure about their move, AMJ Campbell has expertly-trained Residential Moving Consultants who’ll visit your home, assess your needs, and explain the moving procedure to you. They will also take care of the concerns you might have regarding the move. Just make sure to have a translator with you for your understanding.…